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LED Street Garden light

LED Street Garden light 60-200W
Vastsun and China University of Electronic Science and Technology
are proud of its High Power Illumination Series. High Power Illumination is a new serie of energy saving products that utilize high power LEDs as effective lighting source to traditional illumination, such as LPS, HPS, or MH  lights. LED Illumination provides a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light: LED Illumination is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. This smart, "greener" option for outdoor lighting has emerged on the green scene due to the world technological advancements of LED Illumination. 
Vastsun products (Product list: LED Ceiling Light; LED Spot Light; LED Street Light; LED Wall Light; LED Wall washer Light; LED Inground Light; LED Point source; LED Flexible Strip; LED Panel; LED Floodlight; LED fluorescent lamp; LED Track Light; LED Tunnel Light; LED Maize Light; LED Star Light; LED Baluster Light; LED Rainbow Tube; LED Brick Light; LED Planet Light; LED Piercing Light; LED Bean Gallbladder Light; LED Circle Ring Light; LED Underwater Light; LED Mining Light; LED Module.) meet your needs fully and Vastsun will help you conquer your goals. You are going on success road when you step on Vastsun business trip!

vastsun Intelligent LED garden Light:

1. Light dimming Control by Computer
2. Temperature Control
3. Automatic Checking
4. Elevation Angle and Horizontal Angle Adjustable
5. Original Osram/CREE LED
6. Light efficiency 140 lm/W
7. Energy saving by 90%

1) Light Source:   60-200W LED 
2) Luminous Flux: 24000LM +/-5%
3) CREE Chip/ OSRAM (140Lm/W)   
4) Rated Wattage:        
5) Base: 2 PIN  wires                           
6) Rated Voltage:110VAC/230VAC  (Need not power source)
7) Color Temperature:  WW(2700-3800K), NW(4000-5000K) or CW(5500-6700K)
8) Beam Angle: 45, 60 or 120.         
9) Lifetime: >50000 hours                                                                                        
10) Size: Dia.770mm 667mm                                                                         
11) Net weight: 5.5 KG                                                                               
12) CE . CCC, SAA, PSE, ROHS approved                                                                                
13) Body Temperature: <60 degree                                                                  
14) Recommended Replaced Bulb
15) Warranty: 5 years.
16) IP67

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