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2018 World Cup, Vastsun coming...

Date: 2018-7-12

VASTSUN has more than 15 years of experience in sportslighting, and is recognized as a leader in sports lighting. VASTSUN LEDproducts are assembled on 10 football fields in Russia's 2018 World Cup. The LED lighting fixtures used by VASTSUNcan create good light conditions for the athletes and spectators, and also helpthe audience of the TV set to enjoy the vivid 4K live broadcast. At the sametime, lighting can be synchronized with the scene, creating a more exciting andspectacular match effect.           

In addition, VASTSUN's products are used to illuminate theexterior walls of the stadium to further enhance the atmosphere of the worldcup. In Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium, 39000 square meters of LED ceiling isinstalled, becoming Russia's largest media facade. During the match, thewonderful lighting show will be here.

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